How to add Event Animations to your Twitch Stream

How to add an event animation in Open Broadcasting studio to your twitch stream. Here’s a little video for my gamer friends who want to add a little more visual style and interaction to their stream. Still learning this YouTube thing and getting comfortable with a camera, but it’s been a fun journey.

5 Affordable Plugins for After Effects

First Official Video talking about “5 affordable plugins for After Effects” that can save you tons of time! It’s pretty nerve racking to push the post button because it’s not at all close to perfect or even the way I envisioned it turning out, but if you never post your first video or start theContinue reading “5 Affordable Plugins for After Effects”

The Adventure Begins: How to Start Vlogging | VLOG #1

There are so many tutorial videos on how to start vlogging that I wanted to do something a little bit different. This is just a little encouragement as I start my adventure into the vlogging world to hopefully get you over that hump and start creating content yourselves. Also, enjoy some B-roll of my wifeContinue reading “The Adventure Begins: How to Start Vlogging | VLOG #1”