Amorphous Alien from Cantaloupe Skin

While sitting in the kitchen one day, drinking my morning coffee before work, I glanced over the rough peculiar skin of a cantaloupe sitting on the counter. It looked almost alien in the dim bluish light creeping in the window. The small meal-worm like shapes covering the cantaloupe’s skin started to writhe and wiggle and the crescendo of creaking bones and stretching organic tissue consumed my mind as an almost vertigo effect enhanced the fruit drawing me into it. Then the idea came to me.

“What if those little critters were trying to escape some alien organic prison of a host?”

That was the start. I quickly snapped a photo of the cantaloupe skin and loaded it into my texturing process inverted the skin and gave it some darker tones and a dim blue light and built the animation you see above.

Hope you enjoy it and see a slight glimpse of what terrors I imagined in my own mind that day.

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